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Lawn care Lincoln NE

A well-maintained lawn and garden can do wonders for your Lincoln property. But it takes a lot of work, time, and effort to keep your outdoor space looking its best.

If you want the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space but don’t have the time, skills, or patience to keep up with necessary maintenance, call Lawn care Lincoln NE. Lawn care Lincoln NE as an established lawn care service company in Lincoln, NE we offer a variety of lawn and garden…..

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Lawn care Lincoln NE


We are dedicated in using the finest fertilizers available on our residential & commercial programs. This program consists of 5-Steps and all are applied around the Holiday schedule Easter, Memorial Day, 4 th of July, Labor Day and Halloween. Turf area weed spraying occurs at every visit and is typically done by spot spraying only. Some first-time customers will need a 2-step broadleaf blanket application for better control.

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Healthy lawns depend on many factors including adequate water for cell enlargement and evaporative cooling, sunlight and carbon dioxide for energy production, and oxygen for respiration. Lawn growth also depends on nutrients or essential elements absorbed by roots from the soil.
When natural soil processes do not provide…


Let us create a wall around your yard!!

With news of the West Nile Virus spreading to the Lincoln area we believe now would be a great time to advertise our all new service being offered for the Lincoln area.

This 100% all natural product is an affordable and effective solution for controlling mosquito and ticks at any residential or commercial property. Because it safe for all pets and children there a no harmful effects to be concerned about.

We offer a one-time spray service if your having a special event or you can signup for our season long program. Estimates are always free.

We are so confident in this product that if you are not completely satisfied with your treatment we will retreat your lawn at no added expense! Treatments last 3-4 weeks and give you 70% – 90% control within 3 days.

***Treatments start at $50 with most lawns running $60-70. There are 7 applications from May to September for 100% control

Yardworx Lawn and Landscape
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4.4 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Locally owned company with hard working local people. Great prices & service.

I had a great experience with Yardworx Lawn and Landscape. I hired them for a fall yard clean-up, and they were efficient and thorough. Their rate was competitive, and their customer service was easy to work with. I would use them for future projects.
Kathryn Barry
I live out of state and hired Yardworx to mow my parents yard for the summer. Not only were they reliable but they did a great job. Thank you!
Melody Crowl,
Great service when I needed lawn care quickly as I moved to another state. I highly recommend them!
Jude Cook,
The boys did a great job of mowing , trimming and cleaning up before they left. They were always responsive to special requests.
Mitch Egeberg,
Yardworx does GREAT work! Last guy wasn’t cutting it…literally. So I called Josh and he came over within 5 minutes and they’ve been maintaining our yard ever since!
Dean Phelps,